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Huge Vacuum Bags


A revolution in transporting and storage of food and pharmacy with Kara Pack huge bag.

The High Barrier multi-layer plastic film is used to produce huge bags from small to big bags (capacity up to 2,000 liters per bag!). Kara Pack packaging system (cooperation with VQM co. in Netherlands) is a simple method to pack commodities in high barrier bags under vacuum or hermetic conditions. Sucking internal air and purging an inert gas (nitrogen or helium) cause to oxygen level reach to lower than 0.5 percent, which cause to kill insects and aerobe and also stop oxidation and fungi development, and preserve optimal moisture content, aromas, and flavour! This method is the perfect solution for protection and storage of dried food commodities like nuts, dehydrated fruit, powders, grain, coffee, rice, tea, cocoa, herbs, you name it! It creates optimal preservation conditions and extends shelf-life and ensuring optimal protection.
It could be combined the huge bags with any other form of standard packaging that the customers are used to. They can be made to fit your cartons, octabins, big bags, crates, bins etc. But you can also vacuum pack stacks of smaller bags on the pallet: Bag-in-Bag.

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Easy Transfer on Pallet
Protects products against moisture, oxygen and insects

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