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Clothes Vacuum Bags


Cloths Vacuum Bags save on space in wardrobe and store and keep your rooms tidy, in addition to, the best method for protecting the clothes when not in use. The best point is that they keep away all the insects and humidity as well as dust from the clothes and keep them safe. Choosing the vacuum bags is always a good idea to manage to store a lot of clothes in small space. The vacuum operation, shrinks and flattens the fabric and, therefore, leads to creating more space that helps in storing ever more clothes in a compact space. Because air between the clothes is sucked through vacuum of the bag.


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Put all clothes inside the bag and using either a vacuum cleaner and vacuum hose or a special one-way valve vacuum pump/hand pump and they suck out all the air leaving it air tight to ensure everything inside remains free from dust, mites and other things that can damage the clothes when stored.

Available sizes:

 58 * 42 cm: suitable for reducing volume of cloths in travel
70 * 50 cm: suitable for reducing volume of pillows and shirts
100 * 80 cm: suitable for reducing volume of blankets and coverlets
110 * 100 cm: suitable for reducing volume of mattress
105 * 70 cm: with hanger suitable for your suits, coats and other cloths
Or And any size which customers requested.

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